How a Good Phone System Can Increase Business Agility

    In fast-growing companies, agility is much more than a buzzword – it’s an organizational imperative. With every new contract, businesses must determine if they need to add resources to deliver quality goods or services on time. Without this kind of agility, you can’t meet rising customer demands or beat the competition to market.

    In this regard, an outdated business phone system can have far-reaching implications. If it can’t scale with ease, your phone system stands to hamper employee productivity or worse, begin to impact your bottom line.

    The Importance of Scalability

    It may sound like a buzzword, but there are four main scenarios in which a scalable cloud phone system adds tremendous value to your business:

    1. Rapid Growth: If your company experiences or is anticipating periods of accelerated growth, then a scalable IP phone system gives you the power to quickly add lines and extensions as you add employees to handle higher volumes of customer calls.
    2. Seasonal Spikes: Some companies know they’ll need additional phone support during peak times of the year, such as the holidays or tax season. Only a flexible system allows them to manage ebbs and flows with both ease and less cost.
    3. Highly Competitive Markets: In today’s on-demand world, businesses that are proactive – or at a minimum, respond rapidly – often win the business and the long-term customer loyalty. If you’re operating in a highly competitive market, can you afford to wait for your communications capabilities to catch up with customer requests? Probably not.  

    What Does Scalability Really Offer?

    If you’re unsure of what a truly scalable business phone system looks like, here are some of the top features available today:

    • Convenient Administration: Adding, moving and changing users can be easily managed from a convenient, intuitive web-based portal. This ‘anywhere-anytime’ accessibility means IT teams or even non-technical leaders can keep staff productive and business moving or secure regardless with just a few clicks.
    • Flexibility: Whether your employees are working from their office phone or a mobile device, modern cloud communications technologies can deliver a consistent user experience that transitions smoothly across multiple devices, platforms and networks.
    • Integration: Voice, video, chat and screen-sharing have become key collaboration features of modern unified communications solutions, expanding the ways in which employees to communicate with each other and enabling the most effective path for each scenario without extra effort.
    • Easy to Use: Forget about long tutorials, having to install plugins every time you start a meeting or remembering dial in numbers. A good business phone system should be easy to use and intuitive for new users, making communications simple instead of adding extra work.

    Companies can’t hesitate when opportunities arise. A scalable business phone service can give you a competitive advantage while enabling you to exceed customer expectations – two compelling reasons for evaluating your current phone system to determine if it’s really making your business as agile as it needs to be.

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