Mobile World Congress 2017 - Steve Corcoran

By the Experts at Mitel

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From the Video

We're very excited about Mobile World Congress. This is, I said, a tremendous change in the industry right now. And really, Mitel is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this. So we have the ability of NFV is not something that's future SDN, it's actually now. We're deploying these commercially. So when you start talking about IoT, IoT is here today. You start mixing these two different things that are being deployed now, and you can actually deploy a lot of new innovative services in a very quick manner, which allows those operators to once again maintain their relevance and be able to once again bridge this gap as those basic services they've built their infrastructure around are being commoditized.

Really, Mobile World Congress is the industry stage to go through and really set yourself up as being, we are a major player. We've had tremendous commercial success and once again, there's a reason that operators have been choosing us. The time to market the innovation ect. This is really critical to us to get our brand out particularly after the acquisition of Mavenir. We need to basically build the Mitel brand within the mobile operator community. And essentially, we have a great story to tell and it's our job to go out and tell it. Really, Mobile World Congress is unique from the viewpoint of you have all of the key decision makers from all the operators at the same place that our key executives would be at.

So, once again, to be able to have that high level of communication really partnering and building that trusting relationship so you can actually hear is really unique because you can do this with all of the major players globally, It's not just an European event it's for the Americans, APAC etc. To be able to have all of those meetings with all of the key individuals all at once is really a unique thing in the industry.