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Mitel is Customer Focused

Mitel spends a lot of time listening to customers, understanding their needs, understanding where they're going in the future, understanding the critical aspects that they need to communicate and collaborate with their customers, their employees and their partners.

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Marrying IoT and UC

This webinar will discuss how integrating IoT with UC will enable companies to become more agile and efficient while also leveraging existing investments as they ramp up IoT for both internal and external customers.

Case Study Case Study

City of Porvoo, Finland

As more companies undergo digital transformations, governments throughout the world are trying to provide the experience their citizens demand. Watch how the City of Porvoo used Mitel for its digital transformation.

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VoIP Call Recording for Business Feature

Never miss an opportunity to advance. Having a call recording solution allows your company to unlock the full potential of each and every customer, client, colleague or supplier communication. With business call recording you can quickly capture, archive, organize, playback and share voice conversations, enabling you to gain valuable insight into every important interaction.