MiVoice 5624 Wireless Phone - EMEA Only

This wireless handset is designed for use in an office environment and is perfect for users who need to be reachable or able to access their messages from throughout the building.

The MiVoice 5624 Wireless Phone seamlessly blends the wireless needs of the user with a wide range of critical applications like voice messaging and integrates with fixed legacy applications within the organization.

The MiVoice 5624 Wireless Phone is Mitel’s first VoWiFi (Voice over Wi-Fi) handset operating on 802.11n network; it supports the deployment of voice over the network without degrading the performance of an existing .11n network capacity. A MiVoice 5624 Wireless Phone-based solution delivers trouble-free WLAN vendor interoperability and scalability, as well as the capacity to integrate and communicate with a comprehensive range of external sources.

The MiVoice 5624 Wireless Phone can be managed and configured using the WSM server. Additionally, the MiVoice 5624 Wireless Phone and the existing MiVoice 5603 and 5604 Wireless Phones can be used with the same WSM server. This flexibility enables a wide range of devices to be managed and configured in a mixed IP-DECT and Wi-Fi environment.

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